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Deep in the wild countryside is a rocky cove, with cliffs on both sides surrounding a fast-running stream down a steep valley.  At high tide there are just unforgiving rocks, but at low tide a large beach is revealed giving access to some caves and small islands.  A number of giant’s boats have been wrecked here over the years due to the treacherous coastline and one of these boats is upturned and mostly intact: this is the home and workplace of Rose Buckthorne, Master Blacksmith of Giant’s Cove.

Rose, with her apprentice Rowan and assistant Erin, scavenge the cove for materials to make exclusive weapons and armour. Limpet shells make strong shields, razor clams are formidable weapons, fishing nets provide an incredibly strong but light rope, and muscle shells can be used as body armour.

There are several NPCs in the cove: the Buckthorne family, Mowzer the Cat Lord, Wrox an aspiring Sea Pirat, and an otter called Lyra.

The screen-friendly PDF and items cards are pay-what-you-want. Throw $2 or more in my direction and you'll also get a print-friendly PDF (double-sided booklet layout) and NPC creature cards for quick and easy encounters.

This is an independent production by Ross Burton and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party Licence. Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.


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