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An alternative Mausritter turn tracker, with a more visual representation of the passing of time and how turns and watches are related. Includes markers for both adventure site (every three turns) and wilderness (sunrise/sunset) encounters.

The PDF is A5 sized and has both colour and black-and-white options. There's a generous margin but please get in touch if this doesn't work on US paper sizes.

Heavily based on an original design by Jorge Moreno Higuera.

This is an independent production by Ross Burton and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party Licence. Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.


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I love this, might even put a spinner on it to help point or for other game events. Wonderful creation!

Absolutely love the idea and design, have you considered making an alternative version where the wilderness encounter markers are midday and midnight? Might be interesting way to keep players on their toes!

The rules says wilderness encounters are start of the morning and evening watches, but obviously as the games mouster you’re welcome to ignore that and say eg encounters are nocturnal, they’re happening at night.

Minor clarification: the game master rolls at the start of morning and evening watches to find out about wilderness encounters for that watch; however, I believe the rules state that if an encounter occurs, the GM should roll 1d12 to find what hour the encounter occurs in--the d12 result cooresponds to the spokes on this turn tracker, or the columns on the standard turn tracker. Wilderness encounters can happen any hour of the day!

This is really great - I find it to be a much more effective way of keeping track of turns.